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Wishful Pantry eats America Part One

Wishful pantry and plus one went to America for three weeks!

Most of it was delicious (San Francisco holla!) some of it not so much and I did think about doing separate posts for the best of and worst of or one post for San Francisco, one for LA and one for New York but honestly the whole thing was a big yummy mess and I haven’t had the heart to step on the scales yet.

So instead here are some of my favourite food places that you should definitely check out if you’re in the neighbourhood.
Baja Style Escolar

Baja-style Escolar with a side of sweet potato fries from Pacific Catch, in the Marina District in San Francisco which was recommended to us by the most friendly salesperson I’ve ever met at Fleet Feet across the road.

Scallops again!

Black iron seared Day Boat scallops on a bed of truffled potato mousseline, chanterelle mushrooms, leek nage from Park Chalet at the ocean end of the Golden Gate Park. Some of the largest and juiciest scallops I’ve ever had. Period.

Saucy Pear cocktail at Fish and Farm Saucy Pear ingredients

Fish and Farm is in the city centre of San Francisco and we managed to get a table in the bar and while the food was very much up to par it’s the Saucy Pear and our very lovely and understanding bartender (after I accidentally dropped the Saucy Pear on the floor).

Sausage Plate

You’ll have to get your own water and bus your own tables but to eat a truffle sausage at Rosamunde Sausage Grill, I would bus a thousand tables. Also you save on tips.

TCHO cafe menu

TCHO is a San Francisco based chocolate factory and if you are ever in the area definitely take their free chocolate tour (not just for the chocolate-y air and free tasting) but it really was an eye-opener into how chocolate is grown and made. Also buy some cacao nibs covered in dark chocolate. They’re great on their own or if you like your coffee, add a teaspoon to your morning cup instead of sugar.


About wishfulpantry

a wishful pantry is a weekly food photo webcomic that will try to be full of recipes (helpful), and restaurant reviews (subjective) and sometimes food porn because everyone loves a stripped chicken.

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  1. I feel you pain, last time I went to the States I gained 10kg (I’m 5 ft so that’s a lot!). Rest assured, it drops off pretty quick when you get back to your routine in Oz :)

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