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What would Jesus eat? Breakfast, Good Friday. Homemade Baked Beans in Mountain Bread Bowl

In honour of our most excellent Easter and ANZAC five day weekend mash-up (which includes wishfulpantry’s birthday on the 24th, btw) we’re doing a weekend long marathon of posts dedicated to what’s we’re stuffing our faces with over the holiday and we’ll also give you details on how to similarly put things in your public holiday mouths.

Homemade mixed baked beans in crispy mountain bread

Quick Boston Baked Beans with Crispy Mountain Bread Bowl

We took our recipe from and replaced the muffin with a mountain bread that was toasted in the bowl in the oven to create that lovely bowl shape. Otherwise if you’re not too fussed about the shape of your mountain bread you can also just toast it flat.

Beans-wise the recipe uses Borlotti beans but we just used whatever we had in the pantry which included some leftover kidney beans and black beans.

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a wishful pantry is a weekly food photo webcomic that will try to be full of recipes (helpful), and restaurant reviews (subjective) and sometimes food porn because everyone loves a stripped chicken.

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